Solar Thermal

Turning sunlight into hot water for your home


This is a system to provide your home with hot water, through either retro-fitting or roof integration.

Solar Thermal systems consist of ‘collectors’ or panels that are installed on your roof – or in a suitable position to benefit from the most amount of exposure to the sun as possible for the heating of your hot water. The water is heated in these panels by the energy collected from the sun. This heat is then passed via specially insulated pipe work to your solar cylinder, where your hot water is stored. In the less sunny periods of the year, your conventional or other heat source, i.e. heat pumps or conventional gas boiler, will heat your water as normal.

Solar Thermal has been present within Europe for some years now, and the technology has advanced dependant on climate and conditions. By using the heat and light from the sun these systems transfer heat to a highly efficient liquid that then transfers the heat to you hot water tank – producing free naturally occurring hot water. These systems can be installed in conjunction with your existing hot water system, using a twin coil cylinder or Thermal Store.

Design and installation of a solar thermal system

OHM Energy can design, install and maintain your Solar Thermal system, ensuring that you qualify for all Government and available subsidies and grants. Our engineers have over 12 years experience at home and abroad, designing and installing solar thermal. A typical Solar Thermal system takes no longer than 2 days to install.

There are two types of Solar Thermal systems:

Flat Plate
This panel is of a traditional design, a flat rectangular module that can be roof integrated and looks rather like a Velux window.

Evacuated Tubes
Used a lot in the northern hemisphere due to their exceptional efficiency. Will also take up less roof space for the same amount of efficiency – very good for lower level light conditions.

Solar Thermal Servicing
  • Visual inspection of roof fittings, joints, panels
  • Checking pressure relief valves
  • Visual inspections of pump
  • Refreshing & recharging Glycol – if required
  • Re-pressuring
  • £330 inc VAT*

* Parts not included