Tesla Powerwall

OHM Energy are a Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Powerwall 2

The version 2 has an increased capacity of 13.5kWh, which combined with a suitably sized solar PV system will allow homeowners to become virtually grid-free.

It is an automatic process with all of the technology contained within the attractive compact box that is easily installed. Quite simply the Powerwall allows you to maximise self-consumption of your personal solar generation.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Solar electricity at night

During the daytime your solar panels could easily be producing more electricity than your home requires. The home battery for Tesla Powerwall stores this excess electricity and then makes it available for consumption in the evening when the panels are producing less. Therefore, the inclusion of the battery helps to cover the gap between peak solar production and peak electricity demand meaning you can use the electricity you produce when you want to! Not only does this reduce your electricity costs but you are directly using more of the energy your personal system has generated.

Beautifully functional

As this is still a developing industry the current options for battery storage specifically for residential use is limited. The Powerwall’s lithium ion battery has been developed from the proven track record of Tesla’s automotive battery technology meaning your home will be powered safely and economically. As the battery comes enclosed in a singular box it is easy to install and requires little maintenance. The box itself is compact measuring 1150mm by 755mm by 155mm. This lends itself perfectly to domestic use as the sleek design allows it to be easily incorporated into your home.

The unit is IP rated and allows for installation both inside and outside. The new shape also allows for floor-mounting as well as the standard wall-mounting. These developments allow for a range of installation locations to suit individual properties.

Continued software updates mean that homeowners can now charge the battery directly from the grid. When on a variable electricity tariff this can allow further savings by topping up the battery during off-peak times to combine with the excess solar generated electricity and cover the peak daytime hours. The Tesla app allows for homeowners to easily check and the battery charge and also adjust system settings as required.


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