Solar PV

Generate electricity and a tax free income


Converting sunlight into electricity, a constant source of energy, with bespoke systems from small domestic to Solar power stations. Suiting the system to the requirements of the client, we place importance on maintaining the highest standards and security from budget systems to the most cutting edge technology available.

We are one of the leading solar panel installers in East Sussex.

  • Construction and roofing specialists
  • Structural surveyors
  • PV manufacturers Agricultural Buildings – Homes – Ground Mounted

OHM Energy also offer a range of competitive servicing and maintenance packages for Solar PV.

How Solar PV works

Step 1
Daylight hits the photovoltaic cells in the tiles or panels and is converted to clean electricity.

Step 2
The inverter, a small box usually placed in the loft space, converts the electricity from direct to alternating current, for use in the home. This power is sent straight to the home’s fuse board.

Step 3
When the solar PV system is producing more energy than is needed, power is exported to the grid. At night, power is imported from the grid in the normal ways.