About OHM Energy

Make your home energy efficient with OHM Energy


Working out of East Sussex, OHM Energy provide, cost effective quality solutions, based on a wealth of experience in Heating, Plumbing, Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Heat pump technology.

We are one of few companies that specialise in the integration of conventional heating and energy systems, with cutting edge, proven renewable energy solutions. We have a small team of fully qualified professionals, with an emphasis on quality and client satisfaction. It is all important to us that you receive unbiased accurate advice. We as a company do not wish to install a system that is not suited to the given situation.

So if you are looking for your local specialists that take pride in their work and you don’t want the sales patter – contact us and speak to one of our team on:

Renewable Energy Consultants

As a company OHM Energy work with a number of different sectors and individuals, as consultants, advisors, designers and installers.

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