Energy efficient wood burning solutions from OHM Energy

In some cases Biomass becomes an ideal solution for many people, generally rural areas in properties with a high heat requirement.

Biomass as a technology is an extremely simple concept – like most reliable and viable renewable energy solutions. We take wood, possibly in various forms:

  • Pellets
  • Chips
  • Logs

We then burn this fuel as efficiently as possible to generate heat, using a specially designed and sized biomass boiler.

Renewable energy wood burning solutions

Renewable energy wood burning solutions

Some people obviously ask – "how can burning wood be a renewable technology". The simple answer is much of the wood used is a waste material or coppiced wood, so rather than being left to rot or recycled into other things we burn the wood as fuel. If the wood is responsibly sourced, and re-planting schemes are in place, this is a completely sustainable way of living and fuelling a property.

As discussed we find that most demand for biomass boilers lies within rural areas, where buildings are dependent on Oil or LPG, outdated heating systems, with volatile fuel prices. Pellet and wood prices are less volatile as the fuel is home grown and in abundance, so not influenced by the Middle East or elsewhere. Some people are also lucky enough to have access to their own wood supply, and we have even worked with local communities encouraging groups buying land for the coppicing of wood.

Also with Biomass we can reach easily as high temperatures as Oil or LPG, which means much of the time peoples heating systems can, remain as they are.

Where do we install biomass?

OHM Energy have installed biomass heating systems all over the south east. We are one of the leading biomass installers in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and Heathfield and beyond.