OHM Energy Battery Storage Options

OHM Energy currently install batteries from Tesla, Alpha Smile, PureDrive and MyEnergi Libbi. This document provides some basic information on batteries and our current installation costs, which includes the Battery, Delivery, Installation, Full Commissioning, and Handover.

Why install a Battery?

With solar panels, you typically generate more clean energy than you need. By combining with a rechargeable battery, you can store this excess energy for use when Solar is not being generated or during a power outage. The batteries can also be used to store low-cost night-time electricity for use later.

Tesla Powerwall 2


The Tesla Powerwall battery is an innovative piece of technology that has been developed specifically for use in residential properties. This battery is charged using the electricity generated from solar PV panels and can then power your home during the evening.


Puredrive Energy Storage


Alpha Smile 5 Battery


Myenergi Libbi Home Battery