Biomass Installation

Horam, Heathfield

Biomass Installation in Horam

OHM Energy were delighted to be part of a new build project with the new house being carbon neutral and exceeding the specification of a passive house.

We integrated all the technologies, feeding an underfloor heating system and swimming pool, with all control integrated and can be activated and monitored remotely.

The biomass project in Horam, Heathfield required a heating system with integration of biomass and solar. OHM Energy installed a biomass boiler, solar thermal, solar PV, underfloor heating system and controls.

This project has a ‘payback’ time of just over 5 years.

  • Horam, Heathfield
  • 42 x 235w solar PV modules
  • 5 x CPC18 Tube INOX Evacuated tube panels
  • 2 x CPC12 Tube INOX Evacuated tube panels
  • 60kw therminator 2 pellet and log boiler