Oil Boiler Replacement

Wartling, Sussex

Oil Boiler Replacement in Sussex

Our customers had been stuck with their oil fired boiler for many years with the belief there was no alternative, for the heating of there 16th Century home.

Our team carried out a full SAP assessment, and designed a system that would cope with the heat losses involved in such an old building.

We installed a full distribution system, using specially designed low temperature highly efficient radiators. The system comprises of 2 x 11kW Danfoss AQ heat pumps, they are designed to work in tandem. The expected savings are as much as 40% over their previous oil boiler system.

We also installed a 3.8 kW system Solar PV system at this property on a barn – which is off setting the running costs of the Heat Pump and on target to give a total income/saving of £1,643.00.

Project Details
  • Wartling, Sussex
  • Heat pump installation
  • 2 x 11kW Danfoss AQ heat pumps