The Heat and Buildings Strategy

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The Heat and Buildings Strategy

The UK government has set out its plan to incentivise homeowners to install low-carbon heating systems in a simple, fair and cheap way.

The government is working with industry to ensure low-carbon heating systems will be no more expensive to buy and run than fossil fuel boilers.

Households will benefit from £5,000 government grants through the £450 million Boiler Upgrade Scheme to help install low-carbon heating systems – part of more than £3.9 billion of new funding to decarbonise heat and buildings.

To be clear, nobody will be forced to remove their existing boilers. This is a gradual transition taking place over the next 14 years, helping households move away from fossil fuel heating in an affordable way when the time comes to replace an old boiler.

A £60 million innovation fund is also being launched to make clean heat systems smaller and easier to install, and cheaper to run. The funding supports the government’s ambition for all new heating systems installed in UK homes to be low-carbon from 2035, working towards our national net-zero target for 2050.

Recent rocketing global gas prices have highlighted the need to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels to protect consumers. As well as contributing towards a more sustainable future for the country, the plan will significantly reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and vulnerability to global energy price spikes.

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