Biomass Maintenance & Servicing

Biomass Service for Existing and New Customers

We offer various Biomass servicing and maintenance packages for our existing and new customers.

Your Biomass installer should have advised as to the importance of maintaining your Biomass boiler for optimum performance, trouble free operation and fulfilment of warranty conditions.

We are able to offer the following packages on various types of biomass systems:

  • Pellet
  • Log
  • Combined log and pellet

We specialise in Froling biomass systems, but have experienced engineers that have also worked with, MCZ, Grant, Windhager, Wood Energy, BAXI, Solar Focus, Eco angus, Woodpecker, Broag, Extra flame, among other brands and systems.

Annual Service

Our Annual service package includes one full service per annum including:

  • Ash tray removal and clean
  • Cleaning of heat exchanger
  • Check condition of fire bricks
  • Clean heat exchange tubes
  • Remove and clean flue gas temperature probe
  • Cleaning of combustion path
  • Lambada check and clean
  • Inspection and clean of fan and housing
  • Grease of bearings
  • Check delivery system and clean where possible
  • Manually test moving parts
  • Visual check of fuel store
  • Test of flue gases, and alarms
  • Re-start and check ignition and heat guns

*Boilers need to be turned off at least 12 hours prior to our engineers visit. Please note servicing can take up to 4 hours.

This biomass service package costs £440 + VAT*

* Parts not included

Biomass Service Schedules

For a full breakdown of the maintenance and service schedules for biomass, please click on the links below:

Seasonal Service Package – Two Services

In some cases more than one service per annum is required, either due to the boiler type or usage. For these scenarios we can offer two services, a minor and major service, generally these are best timed just before and just after winter.

This biomass service package costs £733.34 + VAT*

*The above is subject to boiler condition/make and our general terms.

*Boilers need to be turned off 12 hours prior to our engineers visit.

*Parts not included.

Our Recent Projects

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