Tesla Powerwall Installation

Lewes, East Sussex

Tesla Powerwall Installation in Lewes

This property is reliant on electricity with 2 electric vehicles, 2 heat pumps and also experiences the odd power outage due to its semi-rural location.  So, by storing as much excess Solar generation and charging the battery at night with cheaper of grid electricity this homeowner is maximizing the effective use age of cheap and free power.

Used to store excess solar gain from a 20kW Solar PV system and to store off peak electricity for use in peak times.  This system was also installed to back up primary electrical circuits in the event of a power cut – including lighting, sockets, refrigeration, hot water and heating.

Project Details
  • Lewes, East Sussex
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 AC coupled system, with grid back-up
  • 3 x Powerwall 2 batteries
  • Installed on a 3-phase large domestic house