Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage

Lewes, East Sussex

This is an old converted barn that has a high electricity demand, so we installed 28 solar PV panels of 300 watts each that gives an output of 8.4kW. We also installed a Tesla battery that stores excess power that is not required during the day and can then be used at night to cut down on power imported.

If there is still excess power after the Tesla is charged up then this can be exported and sold. The Tesla also acts as a back up battery during a powercut and can provide 5kW of power to maintain the main parasitic loads such as lighting/fridge/freezer and 13 amp sockets.

  • Lewes, East Sussex
  • Installation of Solar PV and Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery storage
  • 28 Solar PV panels and inverters
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery 13.5kW capacity