This project wanted to hide the PV panels as much as possible in order to retain the overall aesthetic of the build.

The property was designed with two sections of flat roof on either side of the main roof. As such we designed a system to fit panels on either flat roof section whereby the panels would be tilted at an angle of 10° in landscape orientation which would give a greater benefit for solar generation whilst still allowing the overall panel height to remain below the parapet and thus being hidden from ground view. We elected for a mounting system using rail rather than ballast to reduce the total weight being placed on the flat roof.

We also added a Solar iBoost to send any excess electricity straight to the hot water cylinder to generate free hot water.

Solar Installation in Maresfield, Sussex

System details

  • 9 BenQ panels
  • 3kW
  • Ballast Flat roof mounting system
  • Solar I Boost
  • Estimated generation 3,000kWh per year

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