Generate electricity and a tax free income

Solar Energy is an incredible resource and there are two main technologies that take advantage of the sun’s power.

OHM Energy are experts in the delivery and installation of both Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems.

Solar PV

Solar PV is the process of converting the energy from sunlight into electricity. This technology is extremely flexible as you can have systems in a variety of sizes depending on the site available, from solar arrays in fields to small domestic installations on rooftops. Installations can take advance of the feed-in-tariff. Furthermore, solar PV systems can have the excellent addition of a battery storage system installed in conjunction with it.

We offer the Tesla Powerwall as a home battery solution which will increase self-sufficiency as you are able to consume more the energy that your photovoltaic panels produce. For more information about either Solar PV or the Tesla Powerwall please visit our dedicated webpages or contact us.


Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is the process of converting the energy from sunlight into heating water. Depending on the size of your hot water demand and the size of your rooftop or allocated site, one or several panels/collectors can be installed. Inside the panels is a highly efficient liquid which gets heated up by the energy from the sun, once heated this energy is then transferred to the water within the hot water tank.

These systems can easily be installed in conjunction with an existing hot water system and can allow you to take advantage of the renewable heat incentive provided by the government. For more information about Solar Thermal please visit our dedicated webpage or contact us.


More Information on Solar PV & Solar Thermal

Solar PV & Solar Thermal from OHM Energy

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