Uckfield - New Biomass Boiler Installation

OHM Energy were commissioned to install a new Froling S4 Dual 15 Biomass Boiler in Piltdown, Uckfield. The project also included the full construction of a pellet silo.

The new system was installed to provide 100% of both heating and domestic hot water and provides 30,916 kwh energy.

About the Biomass Installation

  • Uckfield, East Sussex
  • Froling S4 Dual 15 biomass boiler (pellets and logs)
  • 800 ltr buffer storage
  • Full construction of a pellet silo
  • Cost of fuel: £1,628

The figures are based on a typical heating season with an average room temperature of 21 degrees centigrade and a boiler efficiency of 90%. An oil boiler based on this would cost £2,210 and an LPG system would cost £2,550.

More Information on Biomass

Biomass installer in Sussex

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